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Study programmes with courses of Animal Ecology I

Biology, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The Bachelor's programme in Biology at the University of Bayreuth provides a basic education in the natural sciences and also a broad introduction to the biological sciences, including biotechnology, genetic engineering and ecology. The degree programme is thereby divided into four major training parts: general natural science basics, biological basics, the specialisation as well as interdisciplinary skills.

Information on the study programme:

Biology, teaching profession

On the trail of the secrets of life: As a teacher, would you like to pass on your love of biology to your students? Then a teaching degree in biology in Bayreuth is exactly the right choice. We place great emphasis on practice, which is why research-oriented internships run through all areas of biology and are constant companions for students during their studies. But our students can also apply and deepen their theoretical knowledge during excursions and at extracurricular places of learning such as the Nuremberg Zoo or the Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth.

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Biodiversity and Ecology, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The biological diversity of plants, animals and microorganisms forms the basis of life for humans. Nevertheless, the majority of all species existing today have not been scientifically recorded. The interaction of organisms in ecosystems is also incompletely understood. Human activity is increasingly causing changes in the environment that lead to the loss of biodiversity worldwide and the loss of ecosystem function regionally, e.g. the destruction and fragmentation of habitats, for example the tropical rainforests, global climate change, the introduction of alien species, the overexploitation of natural resources and intensification in agriculture and forestry.

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

The chemical and molecular processes that underlie life are the focus of the Master's programme "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" at the University of Bayreuth. The study programme is designed to provide an integrative view of the molecular biosciences.

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PhD at the Chair of Animal Ecology I

Animal Ecology I regularly offers PhD positions in ongoing projects, but is not limited to advertised positions. PhD candidates with their own project ideas are also supervised and supported in applying for funding.

As a member of the BayNAT Graduate School doctoral students have the opportunity to participate in the structured doctoral programmes of the BayNAT Graduate School. For doctoral students in one of the structured doctoral programmes but also with individual doctorates, there are further offers from the University of Bayreuth Graduate School (UBT Graduate School)

Structured doctoral programmes of the BayNAT Graduate School:

You can find more information about the application and admission procedures, as well as the course of a doctorate, on the homepage of BayNAT PEER.

You can find more about the application and admission procedures, as well as the course of a doctorate, on the homepage of the CRC1357 Microplastics.

Postgraduate studies in environmental law

Students can complete the additional study programme "Environmental Law" at the University of Bayreuth parallel to the Master's programme "Biodiversity and Ecology". The additional study programme "Environmental Law" aims to provide students of the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences with the legal basics in public law and administrative law, as well as specifically in the areas of nature conservation and landscape management, soil protection, immission control, water protection and climate protection.
The examination and study regulations, the module handbook as well as further information on the supplementary study programme "Environmental Law" can be found at the corresponding pages of the Faculty of Law and Economics.

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